Top Ascents

Segre 8a Onsight


Poppy 8b+

Helvetica 8b+

Academic direct 8b FA

Achilles Wrath 8b

Fishermans tale 8b

Cyberdog 8b

Ramadan 8b

Golpe de Gas 8b

Brean Topping 8b

My Piano E8 6c

Gaia  E8 6c

Hole Lotta Love E8 6c FA

Ground up:

Cutless 8a DWS

Christine 8a DWS

Masters Edge E7 6b

On the Lip of Insanity E7 6b


El Latido del Miedo 8a

Segre L1+L2 8a

Alt Urgell L1+L2 8a

Yukan II E7 6b

Big Bad Wolf E6 6b

A38 E6 6b


Zarzaparilla 8B (soft)

Nutsa 8A+

Imothep 8A

The Joker 8A

Careless Torque 8A

Neverland 8A

Careless Torque

Careless Torque
Photo Mike Hutton


Climbing in the cold:

WI 5

M7 (M10 on top rope)

Some alpine peaks including Mont Blanc and Barre des Ecrin

For more of my climbing visit or

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