The Bridge of Khazard Dum

Over the last week or so we have had several great short sessions working the local scene. The main focus has been putting up new problems at Gandalfs. A great little stone close to my house. We have been trying to finish of the development of this little crag and last Tuesday I climbed the hard challenge of the bloc, a right to left traverse.

I have called this problem “The Bridge of Khazard Dum”. It is very sequency, thecnical, balancy and powerful and is one of the best and most complex problem I have done.  As for the grade, when I was trying it I could not do any of the moves in isolation. It was only when piecing it all together that it seemed to work. I think it is the hardest boulder problem I have done and so propose a grade of 7C+ but I am very open to suggestions on the grade from any would be repeaters! (video below)

I also added a one move problem called “Nazgul”. This problem involves a heinous move to pull on then a dyno for the top, which is very difficult to latch. This problem probably weighs in at about 7A+.

Gandalfs now offers a range of great problems from 4 to 7C+ish. For more info head over to


2 thoughts on “The Bridge of Khazard Dum

  1. Nice work Cailean. The Bridge looks good, I think the top out should be Slot Machine 🙂
    Can Claim 2′ be practiced on TR?
    See you soon for another sesh’.

    • Yes Dave Claim 2 Fame can be top roped and it has a nice landing, so with a big pile of pads it is fine!

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