Mammut Realisation Shorts


You may or may not have heard or seen the Mammut Realisation Shorts.  For those of you who are unaware, they are a pair of shorts and a climbing harness built into one.

On ordering my pair I was slightly dubious about both how good the functionality would be and how they might look when being used as a harness. As soon as they came out of the box I loved then. They look great, especially in the fairly out there ginger colour, and they feel really comfortable as a pair of shorts too.

We headed down to UCR Bristol to try them out in harness mode. I was slightly unnerved at first by the freedom of movement that they offer, the comfort is so great that it almost feels like soloing! Once you get used to this sensation they feel amazing. Little things pleased me like how when you are being lowered the shorts don’t come tight and just look like a regular pair of shorts. As an indoor climbing harness I would highly recommend them.

The following day I did a few routes at cheddar to see how they performed on the sports routes. They did the job well and it was nice to wear shorts for the first time this year. They performed well outside too. I will have to do a few trad routes in them to see how that goes.

You tie into two small loops at the front of the shorts. These loops are small and unobtrusive. I did find re threading at the top of routes a little fiddly and when attaching a belay device you have to clip through two loops as opposed to the conventional one, but I am sure I will get used to it. It may also be tricky on multi pitch and trad routes. But I dont think this is what they have really been designed for.

I think the Realisation Shorts are a great peice of kit and apart from the obvious draw backs (such as them being shorts and us enjoying the lovely British weather) I already love them and I am sure I will continue to wear them regularly. Let us just pray for more Sunshine!