Crazy Kids Making Shapes

The day after returning from Nepal I was called in to run a short half day training walk for a trip I am doing later in the year with a school group. Suffering from chronic jet lag I pulled myself out of bed and wandered about in the hills with some soggy and miserable kids for a few hours and then returned to bed.

The next day was the final round of the BMC YCS  2012 regional rounds in which my youth team have been competing. 8am start for the mini bus ride to Undercover rock Bristol. In the bus there was much excited tension, these kids had been training hard for the final event.

During the day the team gave it there all. As with many competitions some came away happy others came away slightly less happy about their performance but they all had a good day. Funny thing about climbing competitions is that so much is won or lost on the slip of a foot or a slightly wrong sequence.

Below are some pics of the Kids making shapes:


One of our boys also qualified for the National final is second place so congratulations and good luck for the finals to him.

Hamzah with his coaches



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  1. Well done kids For representing the warehouse where many a strong climber came from.

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