Boulder Central

Photo Shane Dawson

A few weeks ago I travelled to Boulder Central for their launch day where they were running a Beastmaker workshop and a boulder competition. It has been several months since I last competed in a competition but I was keen to go as I find there is no better training for me than to try really hard in a comp!

On entering Boulder Central you are greeted with a nice open plan area with a comfortable and relaxed feel. The walls look ace. There are plenty of different angles and all of the walls are nice and high. The chai latte is good is especially good and the staff are friendly.

The competition went well. All of the problems were well set, interesting and varied. I managed to top out all of the boulders so qualified for the final in 1st place.

Super final photo Giles Cranston

The Final was a long traverse graded about french 8a+. The route featured a mantel to start, a beastly drop down move in the middle and slaps of slopes to finish. I managed to slap the second to last move on my onsight go. On the following two goes I could not even pull through the hard middle drop down move (the sign of a good session, and tired body!). Fortunately my first go kept me in the lead despite some tough opposition from Andrew Hutshinson himself!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of boulder central and hope to get back there many times in the near future.

Photo Giles Cranston

Photo Shane Dawson


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